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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Welcome to the future

The harsh facts about Afghanistan

The economic reality is such that the war in Afghanistan will wind down, as it is not sustainable. The Americans will eventually leave and so will the other international forces.

After over a decade of war, hundreds of billions of dollars in war effort, and loss of thousands of lives, there will be no victory for Americans or the international forces. There will be attempts, however, at making face-saving efforts to show some sort of victory but in reality there will be none.

Even now, Hamid Karzai cannot dare leave Kabul and even within Kabul, his movements are restricted to a limited area. Soon after the departure of Americans from Afghanistan, the puppet government of Karzai will fall because it cannot and will not sustain without the support of international forces.

The Taliban will return to Afghanistan in full force and will rule again. The drug trade will continue (as it has flourished even during a decade of war), the tribal system will continue, and harsh punishments will be meted out to those who will commit a crime. There will be no democracy but there will be Taliban.

You will say you have seen this before in the past. Well, open your eyes. It is not the past; it is, in fact, the future.

Welcome to the future. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

News galore

The Afghans are befriending Indians while accusing Pakistanis of their support for Taliban and for not stopping Taliban from back and forth crossing of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and launching attacks within Afghanistan.

The Pakistanis are telling Afghans to get their house in order and to control their side of the border and stop people from infiltrating Pakistani territory and causing mayhem.

The Americans are accusing Pakistanis of not doing enough against Taliban, of supporting the Haqqani group, and of working against American interests in Afghanistan.

The Pakistanis are bluntly telling the Americans that Haqqanis are your product, you and your CIA created them, you walked away from them after Soviets were defeated by the same people, and as it is, we have lost over 35,000 lives to this so-called war on terror which is more than any other country in the world has lost, so do not tell us what to do. Secretary of State for one has acknowledged the facts stated by Pakistanis.

Do you know which one of the above four paragraphs contain the root cause of the whole problem?

It is news time. And while you may get a story in the news, truth you may not.