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Friday, March 2, 2012

The ever present Taliban

So what is new if Rick Santorum is a Taliban because Taliban are everywhere and can be found in a variety of shapes and shades, openly operating across geographic and boundaries and religious compartments.

Consider for a moment:

Americans acted as Taliban when they invaded Iraq for no reason and destroyed the very fabric of the society. Remember what happened at the Abu Gharaib Prison.

The British, French, and other Europeans worked as Taliban when they went around colonizing countries around the world while robbing them of their wealth.

The Israelis are Taliban who are everyday squeezing the very lifeblood of Palestinians.

Saudis are working as Taliban as they rule with an iron fist while providing only minimal personal freedom.

Indians are Taliban as they commit atrocities in the occupied Kashmir while denying Kashmiris the freedom to be independent.

Afghans are Taliban, the Taliban created by the Americans to fight their war against the then Soviet Union. Although forced out of power, the Taliban are bound to return. And many Afghans want them to return in order to get rid of the massive levels of corruption that ails the country.

Pakistani Taliban like to associate themselves with their Afghan counterparts and as a result are bent upon destroying the very fabric of Pakistani society.

Many Africans are Taliban as they go about controlling wealth and power while letting their own fellow human beings suffer unbearably harsh consequences.

In any case, it is fashionable to be Taliban these days. The Tea Party and continuous effort by Republican candidates to please it for securing votes is all an activity in Talibanism.

So what if Rick Santorum is Taliban. Taliban are everywhere.

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