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"You want to create boredom? Be politically correct in your conversation." His Holiness Karl Lagerfeld

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Before you're too damned old!

Another year has passed
And we're all a little older.

Last summer felt hotter

And winter seems much colder.

There was a time not long ago

When life was quite a blast.

Now I fully understand

About 'Living in the Past'

We used to go to weddings, 

Football games and lunches.
Now we go to funeral homes 

And after-funeral brunches. 

We used to have hangovers,

From parties that were gay.

Now we suffer body aches 

And while the night away.

We used to go out dining,

And couldn't get our fill.

Now we ask for doggie bags,

Come home and take a pill

We used to often travel

To places near and far.

Now we get sore asses 

From riding in the car.

We used to go to nightclubs

And drink a little booze.

Now we stay home at night

And watch the evening news.

That, my friend is how life is,

And now my tale is told. 

So, enjoy each day and live it up...
Before you're too damned old!

A favorite poem of Guru with credits due to the author

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A message for the Humble Follower

My dear Humble Follower, do not be confused ... well, being scared is another thing. There is no doubt that your physical being is where you think it is; however, your confusion is not because of ‘where you are’ but ‘what you thought it to be’ --- your perception of it being a ‘beacon’ of so many good things is far from the reality as it exists. So, forget the ‘beacon’, read below and quickly overcome your ‘confusion’ and do not forget to look over your shoulder as you go about living your daily life (scared?):

Free speech – Can you say something (even jokingly) at the airport that is not acceptable to 'some' without getting arrested?

Liberty – Yes, you can violate international law anywhere in the world and get away with it. At a more personal level, they get to see the whole of you as you stand and raise your arms in the x-ray machines at the airports; special attention is paid to beautiful women travelers for a full body scan and close physical check-up (even the kids are not spared) --- and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

Democracy – What democracy --- veto power at the UN, arm twisting if others do not agree, happily dealing with and supporting dictatorships around the world as long as it serves vested interests, and the list goes on --- take a closer look at the gift of democracy that has been given to Iraqis and Afghans over the past decade.

Minority rights – Have you forgotten the camps where the Japanese-Americans were incarcerated during World War II for no other reason than being a person of Japanese origin?

Women’s rights – Well, it is women’s rights that have prompted you to question your own whereabouts in the first place; is there anything more that needs to be said?

Fairness – See “women’s rights” above --- and ask the Iraqis, Afghans, Iranians, Pakistanis, and the list goes on.

Equal opportunity – See all of the above.