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Thursday, November 15, 2012

To be Screwed or not to be Screwed

My dear innocent HF, you speak of ‘unscrewing’ whereas a whole bunch of them have already been ‘screwed’ and ‘screwed’ in this case cannot be ‘unscrewed’. Boy, there sure is a lot of ‘screwing’ and ‘unscrewing’ going on. And in this ‘screwing-unscrewing’ contest, ‘screwing’ will surely beat ‘unscrewing’ as it always does.

Don’t you think the “All In” book title says it all? “All In” already sounds like a big ‘screw’ and even the ‘screw’ has been ‘screwed’.

Do you now wonder what the PhD dissertation title would be? Perhaps, “To be Screwed or not to be Screwed”
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