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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Martin Richard

Why would some one kill Martin Richard? Every day thousands of Martin Richards are killed around the world. What is wrong with us humans? Why are we so screwed up? Can't we fix it?

Yes we can but three big industries prevent it always.  Political. Religious and Military/Arms/Ammunition are the biggest opponents of peace on this planet. Will some one dare to start a war on terror against them?

Friday, April 12, 2013

“What” is knocking at the door?

One clinic. One dentist. 7,000 patients with eyes wide open.

HIV threat has come to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a big way.

What next; give dentist a taste of his own work by letting one of his staff members do some “dental extraction work” on him in his clinic using his “fully sterilized” tools of the trade?

And while they are at it, why just stop “extraction” at the dental level; instead, why not take “extraction” to its logical conclusion in this case?

You will then have 7,001 “endangered patients” on your hands in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

But no more thereafter from the same “sterilized clinic.”

Who is knocking at the door? A “dentist.”

Sleep well.