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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is “sorry” enough?

Imagine what would happen if 24 soldiers were killed and 13 critically injured due to an airstrike carried out by a foreign force inside any of the NATO member countries.

Well, 24 Pakistani soldiers are dead and 13 more have been critically injured due to a NATO strike inside Pakistan. And this has not happened for the first time.

Pakistanis are enraged and rightly so. The government has cut supply lines to NATO and has asked the United States to vacate the Shamsi Air Base within 15 days that it has used to launch drone attacks in the past.

“Sorry” and “the attack will be investigated” is what have been said by the NATO officials.

Twenty-four (24) dead bodies. Thirteen (13) critically injured individuals. And “sorry” and “investigation” is all what NATO officials have to say.

Countless innocent lives are being lost and destroyed. For what?

When will this madness end?

Is “sorry” enough?