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Monday, February 27, 2012

Rick Santorum is Taliban

A dear monk friend of mine called me the other day, of course on the secure mystic line. He sounded so delighted. I asked him what was the reason for his jubilation and the conversation between my Dear Monk friend and me (the humble follower) went like this:

Dear Monk friend: Don’t you know what that great future leader, the true Jesus          lover, the hope of the greatest nation on earth…..

Humble follower: O! for Jesus’ sake come to the point stop all that flattery

Dear Monk friend: I mean Rick Santorum has said, “there is no separation in Church and sate”. Is it not great, Jesus must be so happy up there…..

Humble follower: That is a reason for great concern not for joy my friend…

Dear Monk friend: Your problem is that you do not want any one to be happy, specially your friends….

Humble follower: Ok if what Rick Santorum says is true and there is no separation in Church and state, then remember what happened in the Western world when Church and State were conjoined twins few centuries back…..

Dear Monk friend: What happened? I was not even born then, how do I know?

Humble follower: You need to know your history my friend, leave the bible for a few days and read some history books….

Dear Monk friend: Oh! What blasphemy, you want me to stop reading bible and read some silly worldly books with stories of yester years…

Humble follower: Yes you should, you need to know how Church and state conspired to rob their own people and other people of their wealth, freedom and civil liberties. How non-Christians were converted to Christianity by force and the ones  who refused were persecuted and prosecuted. You need to know how Church and State, burned and tortured millions of their fellow Christians who dared to challenge them.

Dear Monk friend: That is unbelievable, that is a big lie, it seems, lately you have been reading satanic stuff, my friend read your bible, burn all these worldly books…

Humble follower: Yes like the Church and State did in those days, it seems nothing has changed……Ok my friend tell me what do you think of Taliban?

Dear Monk friend: They are evil people, don’t talk about them, what do they have to do with all this.

Humble follower: Well my friend they say the same thing, they say “there is no separation between Mosque and state”, they rob their people and other people of their civil liberties and freedom same way Church and State did in the past. They also use and abuse the name of God…….

Dear Monk friend: Hello, hello…..

Humble follower: If it is wrong for Taliban to marry Mosque and State in unholy matrimony then it is wrong for Rick Santorum or any other political or religious nutcase to even think about such a brazen idea. I think Rick Santorum is Taliban, he is the American version of Taliban.  He is going to do to America what Taliban did to Afghanistan ….

 Dear Monk friend: Hello, hello! Cant hear you… seems there is some disturbance in the line….hello …………..

 Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum accused gay people of running a “jihad” against himWhat else are gays and lesbians jihading over?

credits: nationalbuffoon, google

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Paradox of our age