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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If he is insane

"OSLO (Reuters) - Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik is in all likelihood"insane", his lawyer said after the anti-Islam radical admitted to bomb and shooting spree in Norway on Friday that killed 76 people.
"This whole case indicated that he is insane," Geir Lippestad told reporters. He added that it was too early to say if his client would plead insanity."

If he is insane, then so is he:
Timothy McVeigh, Right wing  conservative
 Christian, terrorist, murderer master mind of
Oklahoma bombing
and he:

Unabomber Right Wing Conservative-Christian
terrorist, murderer
and he:
Osama bin Ladin, fundamentalist Muslim
terrorist, mass murderer
and he:
Adolf Hitler, German ruler, mass murderer of
millions and perpetrator of Holocaust
and he:
Mussolini Italian leader during 2nd World war
partner in crime with Hitler
and he:
Joseph Stalin, Prime Minister of Soviet Union
mass murderer of his own people and German, Japanese
Hungarian and other POWs during 2nd world war

and he:
Yasser Arafat, grandfather of modern terrorism
inventor of airline hijacking
and he:
Ratko Mladic, Yugoslav army chief, mass
murderer of innocent Bosnian civilians
and he:
Saddam Hussain, Iraqi dictator, mass murderer of
Iraqis and others
and he:
George Bush, 43rd president of USA, a liar, killer of thousands of
US soldiers and thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghans
and he:
Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, liar, partner in crime with
Gorge W. Bush
and he:
Slobodan Milosevic 3rd president of FR of
Yugoslavia, mass murderer of Bosnians
and he:
Gaddafi, Libyan dictator, mass murderer of
Libyan people
and he:
Bashar Asad Syrian dictator and mass murderer
of his own people
and he:
Pope Innocent IV mastermind of Medieval
or Papal inquisition, murderer
and he:
King Ferdinand II started the Spanish Inquisition,
and he:
King Joao III inventor of Portuguese inquisition,
 and he:
Pope paul III, Started the Roman inquisition and blessed
the Portuguese Inquisition, murderer

None of them are insane and nor is he.

They all knew what they were doing. Full of hate, ignorance and superiority complex, and guided by mostly religious ideology, committed crimes against humanity.

If Mr. Breivik was a Muslim, a Nazi or a minority, no one would have dare say "he is insane". People who say he is insane, are the ones whose mental health is in doubt. He is not only very sane, but also not alone, all the Right Wing Conservative Christian movement is behind him in spirit. 

They are no different than Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Like the hateful mullahs, who spew fire from the pulpits of mosques, these Holy fathers stand on the pulpits of Mega Churches and spew and spread their fire all across the world. 

They have nothing but hate for humanity. What a shame, even in this 21st century people are committing crimes against humanity in the name of religion. What have we achieved in the last one thousand years? Hating and killing other humans for the sake of fairy tales of some ancient scriptures.

We are still living in medieval times.

Take it easy! don't get so upset....dude  look who this is:

Monday, July 25, 2011

And then came the politicians

They came by the droves and they slipped into the political arena in the name of serving humanity, people, country, gods, and so on and so forth. 
They are good at disguise and fooling the gullible mortal public because sometimes they enter the field as representing the ‘left’ or the ‘right’. It is surprising they have not yet explored the possibility of labeling themselves as the representatives of ‘up’ or ‘down’ since ‘right’ and ‘left’ are already taken.

They bore you to death with their pointless and meaningless rhetoric and false pretenses and regardless of their mighty claims, the fact remains that these mortal and dangerous politicians come to the arena for one purpose and one purpose only and, that is, for their very own personal interests for power, wealth, influence, and grandeur, etc.

And since they cruise into their elected offices because of the support of the funds raised through various entities, they are eager to oblige those entities during their terms in office. After all, they need to win their seats in next elections. And the madness of unholy political circus continues.

How can one expect to see any focus on humanity, its trials and tribulations, and its suffering? In such a situation, would the politician be thinking of the effects of war (countless dead and limbless victims, overall misery, and destruction, etc.) or would they be choosing to side with their interests involving multibillion dollar oil and defense corporations?
More wars mean more money can be made while controlling the resources of the beaten. Worldwide colonial wars, dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan, murderous invasions of Afghanistan by one superpower after another superpower, and the invasion of Iraq on false pretenses are just a few examples of a trail of blood, destruction, looting, and misery. 
And then there is the plight of falling, lifeless bodies and small children as mere skeletons lying across Africa.  

Ironically, the question of humanity is a mute question for mortal politicians because they never were in it for humanity; instead, their interest has always been self serving.
Mortal beings are to blame for such callousness because they let such politicians keep coming into power.
Humanity is screaming for attention and help. Is anybody listening?

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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Humble Holyman feels sorry for Humble Follower’s disappointment at the announcement by Norwegian government that the culprit who caused carnage in Norway is not a Muslim. Consistent character assassination by media over the years has ensured that all 1.5 billion Muslims are profiled and TSA ensures that happens.

Now imagine TSA decides to start profiling over 2 billion Christians. Imagine profiling starts for over 1 billion Hindus as well for recent bomb blasts in Mumbai. Imagine, with 1.5 billion Muslims, over 2 billion Christians, and 1 billion Hindus, the profiling pool has now become an even more sizeable pool with every Johnny being profiled. Now, imagine how excited the security personnel at airports are as they find so many additional targets to check and perform body scans on, touching every target everywhere, and sickeningly drooling over what they see or touch in the process.

Imagine you are at the airport, your flight leaves in an hour, you have already checked-in, and you now find yourself at the tail end of a 10-hour line crawling towards the security checkpoint. And then you look out the window and you see someone riding a camel. Your immediate thought is that of a Muslim, an Arab with a name that starts with Mohammad, riding a camel in the desert. Now open your eyes. What are you waiting for; horses?

Welcome back you all to the past when camels and horses were the norm if you wanted to go someplace fast.

Imagine!                                    Or?
                                              Pictorial Credits: Google

Saturday, July 23, 2011

There we go again!

Mohammad Anders Behring Breivik?
Right after the news broke out about the Norway massacre, I scolded one billion Muslims for being evil. 
I turned on all the television sets, in my humble abode to watch what media pundits were saying against Islam and Muslims. They were so sure that the incident had all the "signature" of Muslim terrorist. Every word they said against those __ was like honey. 

I was so disappointed by the Norway government, they announced the perpetrator was a highly educated, affluent, blond, blue eyed, Right wing Christian. I can't believe it. They are mistaken. They have the wrong guy. I bet it was some dark skinned guy with a Muslim name. I called Guru on the holy hotline.

Phone ringing...

Guru: Hello!

Follower: Hope at the airports, TSA will not profile us good Christians who are blond with blue eyes. We are all good people. That guy was a lunatic. 

Guru: I don't see any problem with that. I mean profiling of blond, blue eyed young men.

Follower: But he was a loner, a lunatic, and a mad man. We don't go and kill innocent people. 

Guru: I know, we send our warplanes and military to do that, don't we? 

Follower: Don't you go there your holiness? Don't be unpatriotic. Remember they came and attacked us.

Guru: Who? All the Afghans, all Iraqis, all Muslims attacked us?  Were they also not a few mad men, lunatics, sent by an evil man?

Follower: That is different.

Guru: How?

Follower: But your holiness, We have never killed people of other faiths. Always, very tolerant.

Guru: Yes of course, during the Spanish, Portuguese and Roman inquisitions, it was for the sake of tolerance, that we killed or converted millions of Jews and Muslim. Crusades my dear, were out of love for Muslims and Jews.

Follower: Hello! Hello! There is disturbance in the line, can’t hear you your holiness.

Follower: How can a Christian kill another Christian?

Guru: Like we did during the Inquisition. Brand anyone heretic, and kill. We killed fellow Christians from 12th century AD to 16th century AD. How about the Salem witch trials and lynching of African Americans. The holocaust and violence in Ireland. Did you forget Oklahoma bombing? What about killing of abortion doctors and murder of Matthew Shepard?

Follower: Hello! Hello! Can’t hear you, Hello!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What happened to humanity?

Afghan woman begging, with her son in the lap, whose legs
have been amputated 
Women have no rights, they are forced to beg for alms on a
snow day in Kabul
An Afghan woman attending her daughter injured in a Taliban
 attack at the school
Mukhtaran Mai, a Pakistani victim of village council
sanctioned gang-rape, speaks at a meeting
Acid attack victim, Taliban throw acid on women wearing
makeup or not covering their faces
A dying Rwandan women lying among the corpse, trying to
breast feed the baby
                                                     Picture credits; Boston Globe

Friday, July 8, 2011

Food for thought!

Let Holy Guru say what ever he wants, humble follower is still in vanished state. Till the time the humble follower comes back, please enjoy this food, I mean food for your thoughts.