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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Humble Holyman feels sorry for Humble Follower’s disappointment at the announcement by Norwegian government that the culprit who caused carnage in Norway is not a Muslim. Consistent character assassination by media over the years has ensured that all 1.5 billion Muslims are profiled and TSA ensures that happens.

Now imagine TSA decides to start profiling over 2 billion Christians. Imagine profiling starts for over 1 billion Hindus as well for recent bomb blasts in Mumbai. Imagine, with 1.5 billion Muslims, over 2 billion Christians, and 1 billion Hindus, the profiling pool has now become an even more sizeable pool with every Johnny being profiled. Now, imagine how excited the security personnel at airports are as they find so many additional targets to check and perform body scans on, touching every target everywhere, and sickeningly drooling over what they see or touch in the process.

Imagine you are at the airport, your flight leaves in an hour, you have already checked-in, and you now find yourself at the tail end of a 10-hour line crawling towards the security checkpoint. And then you look out the window and you see someone riding a camel. Your immediate thought is that of a Muslim, an Arab with a name that starts with Mohammad, riding a camel in the desert. Now open your eyes. What are you waiting for; horses?

Welcome back you all to the past when camels and horses were the norm if you wanted to go someplace fast.

Imagine!                                    Or?
                                              Pictorial Credits: Google

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