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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Holy Father and his resignation!

The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI stunned everyone by announcing his resignation as Pope. They say he is the first pope to resign in more than six hundred years. (We are hoping other Dictators and Kings/Queens will follow his example too). We know the Catholic Church will move on with the election/selection of a brand new and Hopefully younger and healthier pope from the School of Cardinals.

We would love if the following can follow Pope Benedict XVI too ...what do you say?

Hugo Chavez

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Castro Please follow into the footsteps of Pope, you
are older and sicker 

Queen Liz please let Charles have some fun too

Oh not you Queen Latifah we want you to stay


Folks have you ever thought if the Ultimate Holy Father resigns from His post as God? Do you know the consequences of that? Do you know He did not produce another son after Jesus and before the Merger of the Holy Son the The Holy Father and The Holy Ghost? Do you know what it means? Do you?

we are thankful to google for the pictorial credits.